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BUDA (Buried Utilities Damage Avoidance) was founded in Hong Kong in 1998. Since then, BUDA's client has grown dramatically to include major HKSAR government departments and also numerouse private construction and property management companies.

BUDA is supported by highly-skilled, experienced technical, qualified and professional team members including Utility Surveyors, Safety Officers, Safety Auditors, Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Land Surveyors and Computer Engineers working on underground utility surveys as well as land surveying using the most advanced technologies and equipment. Besides BUDA has proven technical competence in the field of buried utility inspection/investigation for all safety-related issues.


Underground BIM in Hong Kong (over hunderd thousand sq.m area)

  BUDA has surveyed/inspected:
  Underground Utility Survey : over 3,000,000sq.m
  Water Leakage Detection for Water Mains : confirmed >1,000 leak
  Pipe Condition Survey for Water Mains : over 100 km
  Buried Water Carrying Services Survey for Slopes : over 2,000 slopes
  GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Survey : over 1,000 locations
  Flow Study in Drainage Conduit : over 1,000 locations
  Man Entry Survey : over 500 locations


Our New Project
Date Project Title
Contract No. MN/2022/05 – Pipe Rehabilitation in Tuen Mun
Contract No. DC/2020/03 - Construction and Rehabilitation of Rising Main at Mills and Chung Path, Deep Water Bay - Section 1
Contract No. HKI/2022/07 -Pipe Cleansing and Condition Surveys on Drains and Sewers in Eastern District
Contract No. PR/2022/14 - Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation near Wing Fong Road and Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung
Contract No. MN/2022/06 - Desilting of Stormwater Drainage Channels in North District and Tai Po District
Contract No. DPW 01/2022 - Excavation of Inspection Pits and Underground Utility Survey for Minor Drainage Improvement Works in Repulse Bay, Stanley and Sha Tin
Contract No. CM 12/2021 - Trial Pit and Utility Survey for Agreement No. CE 2/2019 (DS) Construction and Rehabilitation of Sewage Rising Mains in Southern District
MS/2022/03 - Desilting for Cherry Street Box Culvert under Southern Side of Cherry Street Park
PR/2022/03 - Trial Pit Surveys for Underground Sewers and Stormwater Drains in North, Sha Tin and Tai Po Districts
HKI/2022/02 - Condition Survey of Rising Mains at Tsung Pak Long, Yeung Long and Tin Shui Wai
16/WSD/21, and 17/WSD/21 - Leak Detection for Water Main in Hong Kong and Outlying Islands and New Territories West
Inspection of Buried Water Carrying Services affecting slopes along Residence Road, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
PR/2021/18, PR/2021/33, and PR/2021/35 - Pipe Cleansing and Condition Surveys On Drains and Sewers in Kowloon East, Kowloon Central, and Kowloon West
MN/2021/09 - Pipe Cleansing and Condition Surveys on Drains and Sewers in North District West
MN/2021/08 - Pipe Cleansing and Condition Surveys on Drains and Sewers, and Manhole Inspections in Tai Po East
DC/2020/03 - Robotic Inspection to Tseung Kwan O Sewage Tunnel
DC/2020/03 - Desilting works at River Silver, Mui Wo (梅窩銀河清理淤泥工程)
MN/2021/06 - Desilting of Tuen Mun River near Tuen Ma Line Tuen Mun Station
Contract No. PR/2021/02 - Sewer/Stormwater Drain Rehabilitation near Lok Shan Road
Contract No. SM 06/2021 - Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Utility and Tree Surveys for Dry Weather Flow Interceptor at Causeway Bay
Contract No. SM 05/2021 - Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Utility and Tree Surveys for Dry Weather Flow Interceptor at Hung Hom
Contract No. MS/2020/19 Sewr / Stormwater Drain Rehabilitation in Sheung Kwai Chung


Our News
Date News
Jan 2023 BUDA's Spring Dinner on 20 Jan 2023
Dec 2022 BUDA's Christmas Party on 23 Dec 2022
Dec 2022 BUDA參與香洪青年灣港就業招聘博覽會
Sep 2022 BUDA榮獲2022「友商有良」嘉許企業
Sep 2022 BUDA榮獲2022「友商有良」 - 保留現有僱員就業嘉許狀
Sep 2022 BUDA榮獲2022「友商有良」 - 增聘全職或兼職僱員嘉許狀
Aug 2022 BUDA 24th Anniversary, 10 August 2022
Jul 2022 BUDA War Game
Jun-Aug 2022 Internship Opportunity for University 2022
Jun 2022 BUDA Office Relocation to Kam Tin
Dec 2021 職業安全健康局 - 第二十屆香港職業安全健康大獎: BUDA榮獲『安全表現大獎 - 傑出獎』
Nov 2021 香港中小型企業總商會 - 2021「最佳中小企業獎」
Sep 2021 BUDA榮獲2021「友商有良」嘉許企業
Sep 2021 中銀香港BOCHK 企業環保領先大獎2020 - BUDA沛達榮獲"EcoPartner環保傑出伙伴"


Our Industry Information
Date News & Event
Dec 2022 UTI - Conduit Condition Evaluation Training Qualification Training Course
Sep 2021 香港管線行業的創新傳承,專業里程故事
Mar 2021 Utility Safety Competition 20/21 - 26 to 28 March 2021 (Fri-Sun)
Mar 2020 Annual General Meeting (2020) - 20 Mar 20 (Fri)
Jan 2020 Utility Training Institute (UTI) ​New Training Schedule 2020