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About Us

BUDA (Buried Utility Damage Avoidance) was established in Hong Kong in 1998. BUDA's aims and objectives are shown by its name in which to help preventing damages to the utilities for a better Hong Kong and eventually to the world.
BUDA is supported by highly-skilled, experienced technical, qualified and professional team members including Utility Specialists, Safety Officers, Safety Auditors, Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Land Surveyors and IT Engineers working on underground utility surveys as well as land surveying by using the most advanced technologies and equipment.



As a leading organization in the field of utility surveys, pipe condition surveys and pipe rehabilitation without trench, BUDA aims to develop a professional underground utility survey industry for the benefits of Hong Kong and China.



With our qualified, experienced and competent teams, BUDA aims to provide the best possible services to clients and help to maintain the best after service standard.